VOLUME 1                                                       SPRING 2021                                                 ISSUE 2

The Syin & Sern Law Review



Editorial Board^ 

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Editorial Introduction and Foreword

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a set of unique challenges, one of them being the complete revamp of the upcoming legal education in the world. Although we believe that future education may pose multiple challenges, we also believe that it provides an exciting opportunity to challenge and move ahead of the status quo. The pandemic has forced lawyers, academicians, students, and policymakers alike to rethink what once was seen as the status quo and has prompted the legal world to open itself to advanced perspectives. At the Syin & Sern Law Review, we are honoured to serve society through an academic forum which, from its inception, has worked towards pushing the boundaries of literature. This is the second issue (spring publication) of the Law Review, and we have high ambitions for this journal. As students, back in 2020, we founded this law review to create a journal that would be at par with the foreign law reviews. Throughout our work we have and always will aim to maintain a high threshold of the quality set by the foreign law reviews. The Syin & Sern Law Review, in its present issue, has sustained and supported legal excellence by continuing the standards of publication.

However, the root of cynicism arises, that whether the students “should limit their activities to only academics”.[1] As the former American judge and jurist Richard Posner criticised student-run law reviews, stating that the law reviews are better suited to professionals and faculty who have the in-depth knowledge in positing the experienced reality of law.[2] While it is imperative that we keep Prof. Posner’s perspective in mind, we believe it must be balanced with the Dean of Harvard Law School and American jurist Professor Christopher Columbus Langdell’s own observation, students learn the principles not only from the textbooks, but from the actual analysis of the decision, which leads to the development of the Langdell case system of teaching law.[3] We, at the Syin & Sern Law Review, believe that providing an opportunity to students contributes to understanding the legal nuances and intricacies, which one may not be able to achieve from the texts. Syin & Sern Law Review, as a journal is not exclusively edited by the students and is edited by legal professionals and the honorary peer review panel,[4] which assists us in following the path of Prof. Posner and Prof. Langdell.

At the Syin & Sern Law Review, we take pride in facilitating academic discourse of legal relevance in India. The contributors in this journal are a range of academicians, scholars, students, and professors who are working to represent the diversified background of law, which further increases our confidence in achieving the goals of contributing to society. The COVID-19 pandemic posited an increasingly important circumstance to indulge in academic dialogue and with this aim, we present to you Spring Issue 2, Volume 1 of the Syin & Sern Law Review.

​Referred Citations

      * The Syin & Sern Law Review editorial board, headed by Ms. Ankita Vashisht and Ms. Urvashi Shahi,  p      publishes its journal under the aegis of Syin & Sern’s esteemed peer review panel.

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