VOLUME 2                                                   SPRING 2022                                                 ISSUE 1

The Syin & Sern Law Review



Nathalia M Fenwick *

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Privacy is one of the biggest assets of an individual and our constitution recognizes it as a fundamental right under Article 21. However, this right to privacy can be breached for bigger concerns such as larger public interest or friendly relations with other states. In a market, data plays a vital role as enterprises collect and use this data for varied core activities without which they might not be able to survive. This in turn makes the enterprises abuse the data collected and engage in anti-competitive behaviour.  So, questions arise as to what extent can a person’s data be utilized? Does competition law have the right to regulate anti-competitive behaviour? And do consumers have the right to decide what information must be shared and what must not. The research paper analyses various aspects of data infringement and how competition law can effectively regulate the breach of privacy by cooperating with other regulators such as the consumer law authorities so as to maintain harmony among all the regulators and yet protect individuals’ privacy.

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* Ms. Nathalia M Fenwick is a final-year law undergraduate from Sandip University.

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