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Submission Page- 
(All submissions shall be made through the above-provided form. Submissions shall not be accepted if submitted via email)
At Syin & Sern, authors are given utmost priority and thus, the author won't be charged and there shall be no fee at any stage. DOI is also provided for free. 
Instruction to Authors
Submission Guidelines

The submissions are divided into these categories:

  1. Research Articles – It should be a comprehensive article discussing and analysing key developments or issues related to the theme. The word limit for the same is 3500 to 10000 words (exclusive of footnotes).

  2. Short Posts /Short Notes – It should discuss new concepts, recent development’s, or any old issue related to the theme. The word limit for the same is 1500 to 3000 words (exclusive of footnotes).

  3. Case Comments/Legislative Comments – It should contain a brief summary of facts, analyse the key issues and capture the relevant findings of the case. The word limit for the same is 1200 to 3000 words (exclusive of footnotes).

  4. Books Review/Article Review/Opinions – It should contain a brief review of the book; the author shall write the review from his point of view. The word limit for the same is 800 to 3000 words (exclusive of footnotes).

  5. Blogs – Submissions will be accepted on the latest and/or relevant issues in different fields of Law. This can further include topics that have already been published elsewhere or at SS Law Review. Blogs are selected on a rolling basis. The word limit for the same is 1000 to 2000 words (Hyperlinks mandatory and 20th Bluebook footnotes). Syin & Sern accepts blogs on a rolling basis. 


 Note- Abstract is mandatory. The word limit for the same is 300 words. 


Editing Time Period Option

 The Syin & Sern Law Review allows authors to decide whether they wish to proceed with 7 days editing or 17 days editing- 

  1. 7 Days Editing Process- Herein, the editorial team updates the author regarding the status of their submission in 7 days in a simple "yes" or "no". Further, only a small paragraph of 50 words is provided behind the reason for rejection or acceptance. The authors are not provided with the edited manuscript. Here, the manuscript is edited by only 1 editor and if it gets selected (only in that case), will be provided to other editors for proper editing. 

  2. 20 Days Editing Process- Herein, the editorial team updates the author regarding the status of their submission in 17 days, and further, provides the author with a detailed edited document, that is edited by Copy, Junior, Senior (sometimes) and Managing (sometimes) Editor(s). The edited manuscript contains all the errors in the document. 


Please note- The option for selection is available on the submission form's 4th page. 


Formatting Guidelines

 The submission should adhere to the following formatting style: -

  1. Margins: 2.54 cm each side (or “Normal” Margins);

  2. Size: A4 Size Paper

  3. File Format: Docx. or Doc.

  4. Line Spacing: 1.5

  5. Alignment of Text: Justified

  6. Font Style: Garamond

  7. Spelling- UK English

  8. Font Size- 12

  9. The citation style should be consistent, and only the bluebook 20th citation style shall be followed. But this needs to be informed by the author in their email to SS Law Review.

  10.  The submission should reflect original work. Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited. Academic Plagiarism is also prohibited. 

  11. The author should e-mail any changes, at the same chain/thread of mail. Please avoid fresh/new email subject lines for the same post.

  12. For Articles/short Notes/ Short Posts/ Case Comments/ Legislative Comments/Book Review/Opinion/Blogs, there is no publication/editing/submission fee charged by the SS Law Review.

  13. All the submissions need to be made at the form provided above.

  14. Please note, with submission at the Syin & Sern Law Review, you are providing us with the exclusive right of publishing the article. 

Submission to first decision- 15 days

Submission to acceptance-    60 days

Submission to publication-   100 days

Acceptance Rate- 4.7%

Note: Authors publishing with the Syin & Sern Law Review retains the copyright to their work, licensing provided under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows the author to copy, read and redistribute the work as long as the original work is cited correctly. Syin & Sern shall be referred to as the original publisher of the work. 



1. The submission should reflect original, unpublished work and not under review on any other platform. A maximum similarity of 10% is allowed. Syin & Sern does not allow academic plagiarism. 

2. Non-adherence to this rule shall result in the rejection of the article summarily without any chance of revision.

3. Submissions must be ideally within the world limit frame.

4. Syin & Sern does not accept college submissions, and if such submission is submitted, the author shall be banned from sending submissions to the Law Review.

5. In any Issue, Syin & Sern doesn't publish more than 7-9 manuscripts. 



Perks with Syin & Sern Law Review

The author’s content published at the SS Law Review has the following perks:


  1. Each author shall be provided with a publishing certificate if the article/blog is published in the SS Law Review.

  2. The author shall be provided with a “Quality of Work Feedback Letter”.

  3. Syin & Sern promotes and facilitates in providing ORCID Id. 

  4. We provide free DOI. 

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